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Residential Building

J.T. Smith's experience in planning new communities provides the backbone for each of our projects. Our construction team specializes in residential construction and applies the same sophistication and discipline to all projects, ranging from entry level homes to luxury show homes to multi-family housing.

Our Construction Process

J.T. Smith Companies relies on a deep network of sub-contractors and our in-house construction managers to build the highest quality and most cost-effective projects possible. We work closely with home buyers and tenants to understand exactly what they want in their housing and then work hard to deliver. J.T. Smith Companies operates as a General Contractor through its wholly owned subsidary, JTSC, LLC.


We define our expectations on the project from the very beginning, including the schedule, budget, and definition of work to be completed. Throughout the process, we practice value engineering by finding less expensive ways to accomplish each part of the project so that we can ultimately deliver a quality product that’s on time and on budget. 


Our project managers have extensive and diverse experience in vertical construction, allowing them to anticipate the effect of unforeseen issues on the project schedule. We understand that every element of the process has a direct effect on the outcome, and have perfected our construction process accordingly to proactively combat issues that would threaten our schedule and scope. 


Our longstanding experience in the industry has provided us with valuable resources for maintaining cost-effectiveness throughout the life of a project. We document every change order so that we never lose sight of our end cost, and we work to make sure our projects don’t exceed their budgets without sacrificing the quality or integrity of our structure.